Mattias Klum Featured in the Latest Issue of Smart Photography

February 9, 2024

In a candid interview in Smart Photography, India’s premier photography magazine, Mattias Klum offers a deep dive into his photographic odyssey. Beginning with a fervent passion that sparked during his early adolescence, Klum navigates through the milestones of his extraordinary career, culminating in a landmark collaboration with National Geographic when he was just 23 years old.

With nearly four decades of capturing the planet’s beauty and fragility, Mattias discusses the hard work, determination, and the art of collaboration that have been pivotal to his success. His work extends beyond photography into books, films, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions aimed at inspiring change and fostering a deeper connection with our environment.

In the era of social media and AI, Mattias emphasizes the importance of authenticity and trustworthiness in storytelling, drawing a parallel with the transparency expected in other art forms. He also touches upon his favorite photography destinations, underscoring the idea that remarkable stories and images can be found anywhere, provided one approaches the world with an open heart and mind.

Beyond his professional persona, Mattias offers a glimpse into his life, sharing his sources of inspiration and motivation. At 55, living in London and extensively traveling for work, he finds energy in music, encounters with people, animals, and places, and the drive to address global challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss through compelling narratives.

Discover the full interview in Smart Photography to delve deeper into the world of Mattias Klum, a photographer who not only captures stunning visuals but also tells stories that bridge the gap between intellect and emotion, urging us all towards a more empathetic and sustainable future.



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