Mattias Klum Featured in Vogue Scandinavia

February 11, 2024

Mattias Klum is featured in Vogue Scandinavia, spotlighting the urgent need for sustainable food systems. Alongside environmental pioneers Gunhild Stordalen and Dr. Johan Rockström, Klum addresses the dire impact of current food production and consumption patterns on the climate crisis and global health.

The trio advocate for a transformative approach to our diets and food production methods. Highlighting the alarming fact that food is responsible for one-third of the climate crisis and is the leading cause of death globally due to unhealthy diets, they push for change through the EAT Foundation.

This feature emphasizes Klum’s vital role in environmental storytelling, urging a reevaluation of our food choices for the planet’s future, addressing destabilized ecosystems and the loss of biodiversity.



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