Mattias Klum in Upsala Nya Tidning

February 4, 2024

Renowned Swedish photographer and multidisciplinary artist Mattias Klum has returned to his roots in Uppsala, Sweden, after spending several years based in Spain. “Here, I have my family, friends, and a sense of security,” Klum shared, signaling the beginning of a significant new phase in his life.

Klum’s personal and professional partnership with artist Iris Alexandrov has come to an end. Over the span of nearly seven years, the duo collaborated on a series of exhibitions and visual narratives that blurred the lines between research and art. With the dissolution of their marriage and collaborative work, the Alexandrov Klum brand they co-founded will also cease operations.

Klum, who has primarily focused on documentary photography before his partnership with Alexandrov, is poised to explore new directions and projects as he settles back into life in Uppsala. This move marks a poignant shift for Klum, as he navigates through this transitional period both personally and professionally.



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